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Day Off Line Recap:

Kids and I went to the mall and I finally replaced my worn out Brooks running shoes. Chose a Merrell zero drop. Hope I dig them.

Rob and I were guest bartenders this evening for a charity event. Rob of course was fabulous behind the bar. And who doesnt appreciate a sexy bartender?
I rocked my lace up socks but frankly I rather suck as a bartender. I spill things…need I say more?

All in all a fun day. Oh and the WOD kicked my ass and I’m old and had to take a nap :)

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  1. robvibe said: The sexy one had knee highs on! The other one was just a better bartender. ;)
  2. nutrify said: Haha wow fun bartending! And socks! Yay 0 drop shoes
  3. anaverasgettingfit said: Cute socks! Lemme know how you like those kix! I took a nap, too, when I should have been doing homework. Us oldies:P
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